Go Green

Located on an 18,000-hectare (180 km2) concession and offering nine well-furnished safari-style tents, the lodge is home to pristine lowland and coastal habitats linking wildlife corridors to the Cardamom Mountains. With one of the fastest rates of deforestation in the world, we ensure that Botum Sakor National Park and its biodiversity does not fall into the hands of loggers, poachers, and sand dredging operations.

Alongside the Wildlife Alliance, we are ardently fighting to preserve one of the last untouched jungles here. Eco-friendly trekking and kayaking packages are available for adventure enthusiasts who are keen on being a part of real conservation work. Guests also get a crash course in ranger direct-protection forestry and see how their money directly supports our conservation efforts.

Book now and we will patrol the jungle and safeguard the forest together.