The Long Run

THE LONG RUN is a membership community of nature-based tourism businesses committed to driving holistic sustainability. Their community is global and growing. Each member aspires to maintain a healthy and productive planet for posterity. Collectively, they conserve over 23 million acres of biodiversity and improve the lives of 750,000 people. They support, connect, and inspire nature-based businesses to excel in the highest sustainable standards via the tried and tested 4C framework: Conservation, Community, Culture, and Commerce (The 4Cs).

Cardamom Tented Camps joined The Long Run in 2023, embarking on a sustainability journey committing to a holistic balance of the 4Cs – Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce – to contribute meaningfully to the biodiversity and the people of their local region.

The 4Cs


Cardamom Tented Camp is a pivotal player in the conservation of Botum Sakor
National Park, Cambodia’s largest national park, which spans 171,250 hectares. The camp itself is situated within the 18,073-hectare economic concession, an area of dense lowland forest rich in biodiversity. This region is a haven for endangered species, including the clouded leopard, Asiatic black bear, dhole, and the pileated gibbon. Additionally, it is part of the South-West Elephant Corridor, one of the last remaining habitats for Asian elephants in Cambodia. The camp’s conservation strategy involves close collaboration with Wildlife Alliance, whose rangers patrol the area to combat illegal logging and poaching. Since the rangers began their work in 2013, there has been a significant decline in illegal activities, with thousands of snares and numerous homemade guns confiscated​​​​. This direct action is crucial for preserving the park’s ecosystems, which range from evergreen forests to mangrove areas, making it one of Southeast Asia’s most diverse and pristine natural reserves​​.


At Cardamom Tented Camp, community engagement is integral to its conservation
and sustainability goals. The camp provides significant employment opportunities to local residents, which helps to foster economic stability and reduce dependence on destructive practices like logging and poaching. By sourcing locally produced goods and organic foods, the camp supports local farmers and businesses, ensuring that the economic benefits of tourism are felt throughout the community. Additionally, the camp emphasizes the importance of education, offering training programs that empower locals with the knowledge and skills needed to protect their natural Environment.


Cultural integration is another key aspect, as the camp respects and incorporates local traditions and customs into the guest experience, promoting a deep understanding and appreciation of the region’s cultural heritage. This harmonious relationship between the camp and the local community not only enhances the guest experience but also ensures the long-term sustainability of conservation efforts in Botum Sakor National Park.


Cardamom Tented Camp offers an exceptional blend of comfort and eco-conscious
living within the heart of the jungle. Currently, the camp features nine safari-style tents, with plans to expand to twelve in the near future. Each tent features amenities such as comfortable twin or double beds, standing fans, and en suite bathrooms with hot water rain showers. The tents are furnished with rattan furniture and include spacious patios with sun chairs.

Guests at Cardamom Tented Camp can engage in a variety of immersive activities
that highlight the unique biodiversity of the area. Activities include guided hikes through the dense rainforest, kayaking along the serene Preak Tachan River, and participating in jungle survival camps. These experiences are designed to educate visitors on the importance of conservation while allowing them to witness the rich wildlife and stunning landscapes firsthand.

Our open-air communal style Riverbank Restaurant overlooks the idyllic, slow-
moving Preak Tachan River. Our Khmer chef offers an assortment of delicious local Khmer and foreign dishes in a Set Menu style. Vegetarian options are also available on request. The menu is based on the availability of local and homegrown produce, and dishes are cooked without any flavor enhancers or additives. A range of alcoholic beverages including local beers, cocktails, and wines are also on sale at the restaurant bar.