At Cardamom Tented Camp we develop and run our business in a sustainable manner and maximize the positive effects of tourism, with minimal social, environmental and economic impact. We therefore strongly advocate that sustainability should be ‘mainstream’ and not a niche market – and these principles are at the core of Cardamom Tented Camp and its operations.

Due to the Camp’s location within a protected area, special focus has been laid from the start on sustainable building techniques – incorporating the natural environment – rather than cutting down trees and clearing construction space. All chosen natural building materials are either reclaimed or fast-growing – provided by local communities in Koh Kong Province.

As the site is in a potential flood area close to the Preak Tachan River, the implementation of state-of-the-art Fresh Water Sourcing, as well as the handling and treatment of grey and black water, is of utmost concern to our operation.

Visitors are more than welcome to inspect our Natural Wetland Filter Facilities and discuss our other sustainable measures implemented in the camp. Furthermore, Cardamom Tented Camp evaluates its environmental impact on a regular basis to guarantee the lowest impact possible.

Camp Power Supply

The electricity needed at Cardamom Tented Camp is produced by an 8.58 kWp hybrid solar PV system with an 800Ah/48V battery bank, which provides up to three days of electrical power in a low sun insolation month. In order to sustain and maintain the solar system, a low consumption engine-generator has to be operated at times.