Destination: Cambodia
1-3 pax
(Sedan or Wagon)
4-9 pax
Koh Kong/Cham Yaem Border
US$ 85n/a
Phnom PenhUS$ 135US$ 200
US$ 120US$ 180
US$ 140n/a
US$ 125n/a
Destination: Thailand
1-9 pax
(Sedan or Minivan)
Border to Trat
US$ 100
Border to Leam Sok PierUS$ 100
Border to Thammachart & Center Point Pier
US$ 150
Border to hotel in Koh ChangUS$ 170
Border to PattayaUS$ 265


Subject to change without prior notice.
From border to the hotel in Koh Chang, the price is inclusive of the vehicle and ferry ticket up to 4 passengers. For additional charge for an extra passengers is US$ 4 per person.