Birdwatcher (Supplementary Package)

Situated in Botum Sakor National Park in southern Cambodia, Cardamom Tented Camp and its surrounding area is a sanctuary for many rare birds including the Milky Stork, Lesser Adjutant, Green Peafowl, and Asian Woollyneck, to name but a few, where guests can watch them in their natural habitat. 

In cooperation with the Sam Veasna Center for Wildlife Conservation, our supplementary Birdwatcher Package offers avid birders a Birding Program through the Cardamom Rainforest, led by a specialist birding guide, in addition to any of our other packages.

Embark on an expedition into the Cardamom Rainforest and discover some of Cambodia’s rarest birds on a trek, at one of our many bird hides, or even just outside your tent.

In 2018, we hosted the Sam Veasna Center for Wildlife Conservation during their four-day exploration of the area’s birdlife. During their short time with us they recorded 55 different species. Read more about their birding program and their experience at Cardamom Tented Camp here


Package rates: $189* per person

*Based on 8 people; on top of your program of choice with CTC

Our supplementary Birdwatcher Package can be added onto any of our other packages including: the Trekker, Explorer, or Jungle Camp, and offers avid birders a chance to do some birding while engaging in other activities offered at Cardamom Tented Camp. 

Partnering with the Sam Veasna Center for Wildlife Conservation, the specialist birding guide will meet the birding group at the camp. 

Together, embark on a journey to locate rare bird species that have returned to the area, including: the Milky Stork, Lesser Adjutant, Green Peafowl, and Asian Woollyneck, to name but a few. 

While kayaking on the river, along with the birding guide, identify a wide-range of colorful birds found in the area. Hike through Botum Sakor National Park, to find the perfect birdwatching spot or visit the nearby hides set up by our Cardamom Tented Camp staff.

Note: Cardamom Tented Camp can adjust the schedule and duration of any of the activities if guests want to dedicate more time to birding. If your group has any questions, please fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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    Birdwatcher at Cardamom Tented Camp