Real Adventure is Just Beyond Your Luxury Tent

With the tagline, ‘Your Stay Keeps the Forest Standing,’ Cardamom Tented Camp offers a number of eco-friendly packages to visitors keen to take part in real conservation work inside Botum Sakor National Park. Once you arrive at Cardamom, you’ll soon find that real adventure is just outside your luxury tent – like this trip kayaking up the Preak Tachan River to the Ranger Station during which you can gain some real insight into the flora and fauna of the park’s pristine biodiversity.

Kayaking down the Preak Tachan River to the Ranger Station

Cardamom Tented camp is situated in South Western Cambodia, inside Botum Sakor National Park. During your stay, you can enjoy various activities, including the basic kayak and trek to one of the ranger stations we support.

You start the morning by kayaking up the peaceful Preak Tachan River, where you can enjoy seeing local wildlife, such as troops of long-tailed and pig-tailed macaques.

Long-tailed macaques can often been seen around Cardamom Tented Camp
Long-tailed macaques can often been seen around Cardamom Tented Camp

During the approximately 4 km journey to the Preak Tachan Ranger Station, you regularly see several species of kingfishers, giant hornbills and many more species of birds.

If you are lucky you might even get to see our local family group of smooth-coated otters that frequent this part of the river.

Once at the station you can ask questions of the rangers and see some of the things they have confiscated from poachers over the last few years, such as chainsaws, snares and some of the bizarre homemade guns they have taken from local hunters.

On the return journey, you will be joined by one of the rangers for the trek back to  Cardamom Tented Camp.

The trail first takes you across a small tributary to the Preak Tachan River, before following a winding trail through the forest.

Wildlife Alliance Rangers
Trekking back to camp with a Station Ranger

On the way, you will stop for a break by a crystal-clear stream, surrounded by ancient ferns, where you can take a refreshing dip before continuing onto the camp for lunch.

Once back at camp you can relax in your fully-furnished boutique safari-style tent or sit and listen to the sounds of nature on the sun-protected deck in front of your tented accommodation.

To book an adventure into the wilds of Botum Sakor National Park, check out our Cardamom Tented Camp Trekker and Explorer packages.